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SilverBlip Ltd.


References and track records in consulting

Sensor Technology area:

  • number of top-10 of sensor supplier customers; (in US, Europe, and in Asia)
  • tens of sensor device manufacturers (smart phones, wearables, medical devices, automotive, IoT)
  • number of market research companies, law firms, financing and investor houses, VCs
  • Excellent feedback and continuing customer basis
  • Topics in:
    • Sensor business review
    • Sensor technology review
    • Competitiveness analysis
    • Sensor application and use case analysis and development
    • Competitor analysis
    • IP studies, expert opinions

Patents and IP area:

  • tens of SME customers; (start-up companies, global players, investors, VCs)
  • number of law firms
  • number of financing and investor houses, VCs
  • Excellent feedback
  • Topics:
    • Idea, innovation, patenting analysis and process
    • Patenting strategy
    • Patent and patent portfolio analysis
    • Competitor’s patent portfolio analysis
    • Patent and claim analysis
    • Expert opinions and claim charts

”Excellent sensor technology and IP competence and reporting quality.”
”Executed in a flexible and effective co-operation with full trust and confidentiality.”