SilverBlip Ltd.

Creating and supporting your business to be more successful — wide and deep competence and experience in measuring and sensor technologies and patents.

SilverBlip Ltd is a family owned private Finnish company focusing on sensor technology and IPR consulting. (in Finnish)

Onko sinulla idea, jonka haluaisit suojata? Onko yrityksesi aloittamassa uutta tuotetta? Oletko huolissasi muiden patenteista? Keksintöilmoitus, sopimukset, start-up yrityksen IPR-suunnitelma ja -kustannusarvio. Löydät vinkkejä, ohjeita, uutisia ja SilverBlipin patentointipalvelut sivustolta

Sensors in mobile devices

Which devices are using sensors? What kind of sensors? What are applications requiring from sensors? Where to find the right sensors? What kind of tools and SW are available? What can you learn from sensor patents?

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